How Old Are Cuckolds?

There is no fixed upper age limit, it depends upon the physical fitness, capabilities and kinky imagination of the individual.

We have been running alternative Lifestyle parties for over 25 years. Our oldest regular was a Man in his 70's who had a wife in her 50's She would play while he had a few beers before taking her home.

We had a lady in her mid 60's who was very active at all the parties, she is a Greedy Girl with a Kissing kink, she liked lots of action, she is a Hotwife, her Cuckold husband takes her to the parties and collects her afterwards, she is also a cougar, all her partners are 20-30 years younger than her.

In the Cuckolding Lifestyle there are no formal limits. Young Wives might want to play out a fantasy with an older lover. An older lady may wish to relive her youth with younger lovers..

The lower age limit is fixed by laws in different countries or states.

The generally accepted minimum age in the scene is 18, except where the age of consent is higher. The age of consent for sex in Brisbane is 18.

The minimum age to have an alcoholic drink in Brisbane is 21.